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System Introduction

As one of the prediction models recommended by “Technical Guidelines for Environment Impact Assessment - Atmospheric Environment” (HJ 2.2-2008) and USEPA, AERMOD has been used widely in environment impact assessment and other areas domestically and internationally. The researchers applied the AERMOD model in environment impact assessment of NO2, dispersion and migration of dioxin in waste incineration plants, health risk assessment of polluted released by coal-fired power plants, measurement of emission factor of hydrogen sulphide, simulation of SO2 in Kunming industrial park, research on dispersion of PM10, atmosphere protection distance in steel enterprises and other researches.

AERMOD is steady-state plume mode, consisting of 3 modules: AERMOD (Dispersion Module), AERMET(Meteorological Data Pre-processing Module), and AERMAP(Terrain Pre-processing Module ). With input surface parameters (surface roughness, albedo, Bowen ratio) and terrain data, the model can calculate the diffusion of contaminants in complex terrain conditions. And the roughness is an important variable to determine the size of the mechanical turbulence; the albedo is the ratio of the solar radiation reflected by surface; and Bowen ratio is the ratio of the sensible heat flux to the latent heat flux. These 3 parameters are critical bases for calculating planetary boundary layer and play an important role in prediction result of the model. However, for most domestic projects, the selection of surface parameters are done by human judgement. There are always some differences in the selected surface parameters by different people, and that will be reflected in the deviation of the prediction results, which is disadvantaged to the standardized application of the model.

This system is aimed at some problems and needs in the application of AERMOD model in the assessment of atmospheric environmental impact. Constructed on the basis of national high resolution land use data, GIS geographic information system, AERSURFACE surface parameter processing module, the AERSURFACE online service system, in a standardized and automated way, has established a set of national surface parameter online computing and management system that supports the standardization application of the AERMOD model and provides a reference for the standardized application of the regulatory model.

For information sheet of system technical support and management unit, see table 1; for online computing and management process, see Figure 1 (download application manual and technical report).

Figure 1: Online Computing and Management Process

Table 1: Information Sheet of System Technical Support and Management Unit

Appraisal Center for Environment and Engineering, MEP


BO Xin


Registration Application

Before using the data products provided by AERSURFACE online service system, the user need to fill in the registration information online and submit a registration applicationto AERSURFACE model team. Fill in application form and accept all terms of the user agreement, and then print out the application form, stamp it with official seal of organization, and mail it to the office of AERSURFACE team. The system administrator will review the registration application and assign the user permission if the application is get approved.